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This is the blog and website of Ayesha Saeed. I am a and consultant, corporate strategy advisor, communication planner, speaker and basically an information enthusiast working in ()

This is me @ work and not @ work

This is me @ work and not @ work

Focus is my biggest USP.I never take my eyes off the ball, but that alone is not enough. Growing in the world of 80s; I learnt that information is the singular most powerful asset. The second most powerful is how quickly and simply you can use information. This belief had been the driving force behind all my professional life.

 I was lucky enough to work with some of the most extraordinary people of my industry. I started off as a researcher with ACNielsen and Aftab Associates, and developed some of the largest & groundbreaking research products. My desire to experience the journey of information to implementation pushed me to join advertising industry and I joined JWT.  During my time with JWT, I worked with many clients won many pitches and developed many campaigns. But the drive to use information as the key success factor pushed me and my colleagues and we went on launching the online research wing for JWT – The first of its kind in South Asia. But there was a part of me that wanted more.

So in 2008 I moved to one of the most diverse markets in EMEA region– United Arab Emirates. I Joined Team Y&R in Abu Dhabi, and later on joined public sector. From here my journey in public sector started as corporate strategy developer. Imagine, from advertising to ISO audits. It was unbelievably hard – I had to understand score cards, processes, KPIs etc with a vision to serve public as opposed to the traditional focus of business development. Here also, my core strength took over- I worked on strengthening internal research & information departments to drive process & strategy innovation. In my opinion, we currently have some of the most sophisticated and result driven mining practices in place. Following are some of my clients

Some of my clients

Some of my clients

In short, my experience so far has taught me, that my biggest motivator is love and sincerity. When I meet people charged with sincere passion for their products and ideas it energizes me.  I believe I haven’t yet reached my true potential but so far I consider launching South Asia’s first online research portal as one of the key milestone in my career. Here is the presentation which I delivered about it in social media forum, it talks about the key leanings from this project. You can also find some of my point of views on slideshare

Following are some of the recommendations from my linked-in profile. I don’t know, what to say to everyone who took time out and recommended me, each one of them have added tremendous value to my skill set. I just want to Thank you all for your contributions.

 Jack Graci, Division Director –  Western Region Municipality

Ayesha is a type of professional who is confident to operate outside of her professional and personal comfort zone. She repeatedly demonstrates such confident behaviour through her assignments, involving a variety of additional professional disciplines. Ayesha brings a tremendous amount of creative energy to her work. Combined with her experience and professional discipline, she is a force for change. An ambitious professional, Ayesha is an exciting individual with whom to work.”

Brent Miles, Executive Advisor–  Western Region Municipality

“I have always found Ayesha to be consistently loyal and hardworking, willing to learn new methods in addition to handling all assignments with dedication and professionalism. Besides being a pleasure to work with, Ayesha is a capable person who is able to present creative ideas. She has executed several successful Strategic and Operational projects for the Western Region Municipality which resulted in an improvement of services and processes. Not only is she dedicated and professional in her work, but she has also been a reliable colleague and provided valuable advice. I have always found her to be tactful, with a positive attitude and prepared to take the initiative. Without her help and assistance we could not have achieved the excellent results attained on various projects.”

Ahmed Samy, Director Corporate Strategy Office- Western Region Municipality

“I have worked with Ayesha on a diverse set of projects and she has consistently shown dedication and commitment to achieving timely results. She is a definite asset to the team with a great capacity to learn and apply.”

Neil Christy, Owner – Headlion Advertising Agency

“Ayesha is from the breed who love advertising and are in it mainly for the passion they have for this profession. This passionate approach helps people like Ayesha shine because their will to learn never diminishes. Always updated with latest tools and data they bring to the table the most freshest ideas for the clients”

 Saima Qamar, Director Customized Research- Oasis Insights

Ayesha has a sparkling effervescent personality. Behind the sparkly exterior she possesses the tenacity of a crab and once she gets after something she has to achieve it.

Hamid Mirza, Head of Marketing, Standard Chartered Bank

“Ayesha is one of the finest marketing research professional i have come across. She is an asset for any organization where such insight is required on perpetual basis.”

Rohith Hettiartchi, Mediacom

“Ayesha is a versatile personality who has demonstrated multifaceted job requirements of Market researcher well. Her ability to strategizing difficult interpretations of diversity of opinions based on financial, statistical, scientific, and aesthetic skills, as well as common sense inspired me a lot on the projects we worked together. Unlike most of other Market researchers she adjusted well while working on a team and always valued the opinions of her colleagues. This glowing personal attribute makes her stand out from other researchers I have worked in my career.”

Tabassum Vally, Chief Operating Officer – JWT

Ayesha is highly energized colleague – who has a quest for learning and applying new techniques in her job. She has expanded her horizons by doing projects outside her day to day activities”

Badar Khushnood, Country Consultant Google

“Ayesha is a great advertising professional with a futuristic vision. It has been a great experience working with her. Found her very consistent in her efforts and it was very interesting exploring new media opportunities and synergies with her”

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  1. Really impressed with your personal and professional profile.

  2. Ayesha,
    I added a third ‘e’ by accident in my #IN answer response.

    The correct link htttp://speedsynch.wordpress.com though you can always go to @speedsynch (software) or @resonantview (analysis) or http://www.speedsynch.com or the mother of all sites http://www.scenario2.com

    Life has become complicated with Social Media unless you are a storyteller.

    Essentially we use our software to ensure that web or social media content (stories) are useful in helping searchers and products find each other.


  3. How much time did it acquire u to create “Marketing Research & Communication Executive in
    Dubai.”? It comes with quite a lot of wonderful knowledge.
    Thanks a lot ,Normand

  4. A very good bio and very well written description.

    Just one question, the people you meet are working for certain products and aren’t owners of those companies. Saying it’s their love and sincerity would be a hypothetical statement with no background whatsoever…it can be there motivation to achieve career growth not sincerity for their product solely :)

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