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3 Emerging Consumer Trends

Customer Trends helps us to shape ourselves according to consumers’ expectations, following are 3 trends which are affecting the consumer. It is now up to us to use them or ignore them.




The Aware Consumer

We are talking to consumer, who are well traveled, informed and aware about their rights.   They are becoming allergic to meaningless brand promises. And legislation and watchdogs are giving them new information about their choices  

They seek a genuine relationship with brands. Be Honest with them, try to be a partner to them in their journey of life.

Lonely but connected

Massive friends on FB but Living alone. Consumers are disconnecting from real life. And they know this.

 Help consumers’ to get back in touch with Real Life

Seeking a Meaning

Gen Y is more aware and hence are more conscious. Trend watching calls it Emereging Maturlism, you may call it a consumer who wants to make a positive impact

Offer consumers a chance to add a positive foot print, you will be pleasantly surprised

The key that sets good researchers a part from bad researchers is not the ability to compute. It is basically, the eye for an insight and the guts to inculcate that insight in to decisions. Best of luck to everyone out there who is trying to do that, sooner or later we will crack this code together.

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Social Media Statistics in United Arab Emirates

Indicator TypeIndicator DescriptionYearUnitUAESource
E-commerceUAE Consumer Online Spent (e-commerce)2009Million $19.6Thenational.ae
E-commerceProjected UAE consumer’s online spend (E-commerce)2014Million $33.7Thenational.ae
Face bookNumber of face book users2011# Million2.3
Face bookFace book Penetration2011% of population45.09%
Social Media - Top Brands*NAT Geo AD2011Users #70,173grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Emirates2011Users #69,950grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Sony ME2011Users #64,910grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Dubai Mall2011Users #56,529grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Etisalat2011Users #51,048grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Sultan Al Qassemi (personality)2011Users #46,525grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Burger King UAE2011Users #37,042grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Atlantis Dubai2011Users #23,638grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Virgin Radio Dubai2011Users #23,570grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Timeout Dubai2011Users #21,732grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*du2011Users #18,749grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Standard Chartered UAE2011Users #17,310grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Samsung Arabia2011Users #15,144grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Aloft Abu Dhabi2011Users #14,114grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Burj Khalifa2011Users #13,192grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Dubbizle2011Users #12,845grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*City of life2011Users #11,671grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Dubai one2011Users #11,425grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*DIFF2011Users #10,639grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Motorola ME2011Users #10,538grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Wild Wadi2011Users #10,397grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Art Dubai2011Users #10,308grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Just falafel2011Users #10,282grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*intercontinental DFC2011Users #10,114grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*gulf news2011Users #9,352grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Goodgate2011Users #9,258grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Zaatar W Zeit2011Users #8,914grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*GITEX2011Users #8,547grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Jumeirah2011Users #8,137grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Spot on PR2011Users #8,134grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Mall of Emirates2011Users #7,931grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Abu Dhabi film festival2011Users #7,725grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*The national2011Users #7,430grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*DJ Bliss2011Users #7,024grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Groupon UAE2011Users #6,580grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Ahlan magazine2011Users #6,557grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Wild PEETA2011Users #5,954grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Dubai 922011Users #5,545grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Dubai cares2011Users #5,527grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*20 something2011Users #5,320grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*kitcsh cupcakes2011Users #5,192grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*American University of Sharjah2011Users #5,128grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Nahel2011Users #5,124grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Emiratweet2011Users #5,092grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Volunteer Dubai2011Users #4,705grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*my radio 12011Users #4,576grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Goumbook2011Users #4,544grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*tom gara2011Users #4,178grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Emirates wildlife society2011Users #3,986grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Dubai Metro2011Users #3,966grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Yas Hotel2011Users #3,711grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Narcysyt2011Users #3,594grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Edarabia.com2011Users #3,272grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Navcar.com2011Users #3,220grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Abu Dhabi Art fair2011Users #3,139grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Abbas Al lawati2011Users #3,094grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Contender2011Users #2,876grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Abu Dhabi university2011Users #2,753grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Jessica Swann2011Users #2,736grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*F1 Abu Dhabi2011Users #2,694grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Magnus Nystedt2011Users #2,684grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Dubai Jazz Fest2011Users #2,667grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Zayed university2011Users #2,530grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Emirates 24/72011Users #2,526grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*RTA2011Users #2,470grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Mashreq2011Users #2,165grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Filipino rhythm dubai2011Users #2,154grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*David George Cosh2011Users #1,991grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*duplays2011Users #1,858grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*ADFC2011Users #1,846grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Dubai autism centre2011Users #1,827grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*RAK bank2011Users #1,720grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Aida al Busaidi2011Users #1,506grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Ahdaaf2011Users #1,439grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*NYU Abu Dhabi2011Users #1,396grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Damac properties2011Users #1,372grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*World Future energies summit2011Users #1,221grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Coldwell Banker ME2011Users #1,174grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Emirates foundation (Takatof)2011Users #1,104grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Original Fitness2011Users #1,022grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Masdar2011Users #1,001grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*ADIBF2011Users #954grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Emirates environmental group2011Users #879grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Asdaa2011Users #789grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Better homes2011Users #746grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*fitness First2011Users #737grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Bee'ah2011Users #694grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Cicero Bernay2011Users #559grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Landmark2011Users #331grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*H&K UAE2011Users #232grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Asteco2011Users #221grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank2011Users #186grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*TRACCS2011Users #168grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Emirates NBD2011Users #118grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresComm & Tech2011Users #160,389grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresDestinations2011Users #104,751grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresTV2011Users #101,115grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresTransportation2011Users #97,837grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresPublications2011Users #66,781grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresPersonalities2011Users #63,741grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresHospitality2011Users #59,714grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresOnline2011Users #58,126grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresRadio2011Users #54,883grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresEvents2011Users #49,740grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresF&B2011Users #33,242grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresHumanitarian2011Users #22,421grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresBanking2011Users #21,499grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresEducation2011Users #15,079grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresJournos2011Users #14,683grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresEnvironmental2011Users #11,104grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresPR Agencies2011Users #9,882grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresHealth & Fitness2011Users #7,932grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresReal Estate2011Users #3,844grafdom.com

Key questions this data raises:-

  1. Average ad-spend on social media per annum is AED 50,000 only. The question is, in a market where TV is extremely fragmented and print is very expensive what is stopping brands from exploring new media? Continue reading

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Infographic – Key insights into Gen Y

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Customer Trend: What consumers are doing while you read this post? 21 social media stats

Statistics, that will make your hair stand. Sit down and watch the counter. This just shows how digital media is helping consumer insight manager in gathering data.


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Customer Trend: Post recession Consumer

We (you and I), people who are in the eye of the recession and were in the eye of the unrealistic boom are one of the most interesting consumer segment I have come across during my marketing career. This is the reason why I think so

  • We saw a magnanimous growth in last few years – We saw more than one economic bubble i.e. the dot.com bubble, real estate bubble, and the most interesting of it all is the rise and fall of credit based economy.
  • We have seen wars and threats of terrorism – 9/11, Iraq war, Afghanistan war
  • We have seen the most devastating natural disasters – Tsunami, Earthquakes (Haiti, China, Pakistan) and still we are expecting much more as the “globe is warming up to take its revenge from mankind.”
  • We have seen media revolutions and are still witnessing it – Satellite television, computers, Internet & social media  

All of this has shaped our behavior, we can laugh about things which our previous generations couldn’t. We worry about situation which never existed before. In short, We are stronger, agile, insecure and more connected. If you disagree then enlighten me with your opinion.

Now in the following presentation I am investigating the post-recession consumer. I believe the world is going through an optimism divide i.e. hopeful BIC (Brazil, India & China) vs. the rest of the world. The insecurities and the charged passion is changing marketing landscape.

Here is my view:

View more presentations from Ayesha Saeed.

Continue reading

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Customer Trend – Insights into the global youth

Young, strong, financially influential, globally connected. These are some of the attributes of young people of our times. With a cumulative purchasing power of $ 592 billion i.e. bigger than the economy of Switzerland, they are far more powerful and equally more capable of bringing radical change. Though the young today are more dynamic than their counterparts in yesteryears but the basic motivators stays the same.

Here is how I think this market can be targeted more effectively

  1. Possible meaningful styles –  Young people today are strongly seeking substance behind styles, after going through their key triggers i think oppurtunities lies in the domain of Nationalistic pride (especially for Asian audience), save the globe, etc.
  2. Motivator: A brand, a concept and/or a government that is going to spend in motivating them and nurturing their risk-taking nature either through investment or through engagement will be successful
  3. Youthland –  They are connected and have crossed geographic boundaries. No government, no brand and no market can afford to take ‘em lightly.  And they grow in groups, so a product promise in US which hurts people in Mid-East can hurt the product far more successfully than before. Similarly you hurt ‘em in Iran you will hear the roar in world. So beware of your messages to the audience globally.
View more documents from ayeshasaeed.
Additional Resources:
  1. Interesting studies by mobile youth
    1. Youth mobile marketing trends
    2. Mobile youth in India by Graham Brown
  2. The digital youth project
  3. Trends in India
  4. Youth Consumption influences
  5. MTV Being young: The global trends about youth
  6. China youth trends
  7. Synovate survey shows that young Asians are driven by media and music

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