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UAE Databank

UAE Databank

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UAE databank
: An open data initiative, the first of its kind in UAE which aims at collating all consumer data in one centralized repository. We have data sets ranging from Social Media in Dubai to TGI data of UAE.

Contact us if you would like to submit a data set.

Indicator TypeIndicator DescriptionYearUnitUAESource
TGI Usage DataToothbrushes2012%99www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataToothpaste2012%99www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataMineral Water2012%99www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataMobile Phone2012%97www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataShampoo2012%97www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataOils for Cooking and Salad (Main Shoppers)2012%95www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataFeminine Hygiene Products (Women)2012%96www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataWashing Powders /Tablets / Liquids (Main Shoppers)2012%97www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataYoghurt2012%95www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage Data Tea (Loose and Bags, including Fruit and Herbal Tea)2012%91www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataPerfume / Eau de Toilette / Body Fragrance (Women)2012%90www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataWashing Up Liquid (Manual) (Main Shoppers)2012%96www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataReady-to-Drink Fruit and Vegetable Juices2012%91www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataLipstick / Lip Gloss (Women)2012%91www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataIce Cream2012%85www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataTomato Ketchup2012%93www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataFace Creams and Lotions (Women)2012%90www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataFizzy Soft / Energy Drinks (excluding Colas)2012%84www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataPotato Crisps and Potato Snacks2012%86www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataHeadache Remedies and Analgesics2012%82www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataDeodorants and Anti-Perspirants2012%80www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataLiquid Soap2012%84www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataHousehold Cleaners2012%77www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataColas2012%70www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataMicrowave2012%71www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataInternet Use2012%73www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataCar2012%70www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage Data Cleansing Creams, Lotions and Wipes (Women)2012%63www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataFabric Conditioners2012%70www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataSoup2012%67www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataMayonnaise2012%64www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataChewing Gum2012%65www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataBreakfast Cereals2012%65www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataFoundation (Make-Up) (Women)2012%62www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataInstant Coffee2012%63www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataAir Freshener2012%64www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataPC at Home2012%67www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataHair Conditioners2012%46www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataDigital Camera2012%44www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataDVD Player2012%35www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataHair Color / Bleaches and Lighteners (Women)2012%37www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataMP3 Player2012%20www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataCredit Card (18+)2012%28www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage Data Hair Styling Gels, Mousses and Sprays2012%23www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataDisposable Nappies or Diapers (Main Shoppers)2012%22www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataElectric Dishwasher2012%16www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataBaby or Junior Food2012%15www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataCigarettes2012%13www.globaltgi.com
E-commerceUAE Consumer Online Spent (e-commerce)2009Million $19.6Thenational.ae
E-commerceProjected UAE consumer’s online spend (E-commerce)2014Million $33.7Thenational.ae
Face bookNumber of face book users2011# Million2.3
Face bookFace book Penetration2011% of population45.09%
Anxiety index% of people say they have anxiety/nervousness2010%57anxietyindex.com
Anxiety index% of people say they have intense anxiety/nervousness2010%9anxietyindex.com
Internet accessPopulation with internet access2002%24www.ejisdc.org
SmartphonesMobile users planning to migrate to Smartphone in 6 months2010%49www.ejisdc.org
SmartphonesSmartphone non-users willing to buy Smartphones2010%82real-opinions.blogspot.com
SmartphonesApp Users2010%95real-opinions.blogspot.com
SmartphonesAverage # of Apps Installed2010#29real-opinions.blogspot.com
SmartphonesApps Usage (24 hrs)2010%51real-opinions.blogspot.com
SmartphonesUsage lifestyle apps2010%79real-opinions.blogspot.com
SmartphonesInterested in Games Apps2010%57real-opinions.blogspot.com
SmartphonesAverage apps downloaded per month2010#6real-opinions.blogspot.com
SmartphonesUsers with App Purchase Budget of $50 in one year2010%24real-opinions.blogspot.com
SmartphonesUsers willing to trade mobile usage data2010%58real-opinions.blogspot.com
SmartphonesUsers who  recommend apps to friends 2010%52real-opinions.blogspot.com
SmartphonesUsers who find out about new apps from their friends2010%33real-opinions.blogspot.com
SmartphonesUsers who discovered doing a search on their smartphone2010%38real-opinions.blogspot.com
SmartphonesUsers who evaluate an app based upon general media coverage2010%14real-opinions.blogspot.com
Social Media - Top Brands*NAT Geo AD2011Users #70,173grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Emirates2011Users #69,950grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Sony ME2011Users #64,910grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Dubai Mall2011Users #56,529grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Etisalat2011Users #51,048grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Sultan Al Qassemi (personality)2011Users #46,525grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Burger King UAE2011Users #37,042grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Atlantis Dubai2011Users #23,638grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Virgin Radio Dubai2011Users #23,570grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Timeout Dubai2011Users #21,732grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*du2011Users #18,749grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Standard Chartered UAE2011Users #17,310grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Samsung Arabia2011Users #15,144grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Aloft Abu Dhabi2011Users #14,114grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Burj Khalifa2011Users #13,192grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Dubbizle2011Users #12,845grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*City of life2011Users #11,671grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Dubai one2011Users #11,425grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*DIFF2011Users #10,639grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Motorola ME2011Users #10,538grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Wild Wadi2011Users #10,397grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Art Dubai2011Users #10,308grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Just falafel2011Users #10,282grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*intercontinental DFC2011Users #10,114grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*gulf news2011Users #9,352grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Goodgate2011Users #9,258grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Zaatar W Zeit2011Users #8,914grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*GITEX2011Users #8,547grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Jumeirah2011Users #8,137grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Spot on PR2011Users #8,134grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Mall of Emirates2011Users #7,931grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Abu Dhabi film festival2011Users #7,725grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*The national2011Users #7,430grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*DJ Bliss2011Users #7,024grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Groupon UAE2011Users #6,580grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Ahlan magazine2011Users #6,557grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Wild PEETA2011Users #5,954grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Dubai 922011Users #5,545grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Dubai cares2011Users #5,527grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*20 something2011Users #5,320grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*kitcsh cupcakes2011Users #5,192grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*American University of Sharjah2011Users #5,128grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Nahel2011Users #5,124grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Emiratweet2011Users #5,092grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Volunteer Dubai2011Users #4,705grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*my radio 12011Users #4,576grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Goumbook2011Users #4,544grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*tom gara2011Users #4,178grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Emirates wildlife society2011Users #3,986grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Dubai Metro2011Users #3,966grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Yas Hotel2011Users #3,711grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Narcysyt2011Users #3,594grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Edarabia.com2011Users #3,272grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Navcar.com2011Users #3,220grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Abu Dhabi Art fair2011Users #3,139grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Abbas Al lawati2011Users #3,094grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Contender2011Users #2,876grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Abu Dhabi university2011Users #2,753grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Jessica Swann2011Users #2,736grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*F1 Abu Dhabi2011Users #2,694grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Magnus Nystedt2011Users #2,684grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Dubai Jazz Fest2011Users #2,667grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Zayed university2011Users #2,530grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Emirates 24/72011Users #2,526grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*RTA2011Users #2,470grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Mashreq2011Users #2,165grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Filipino rhythm dubai2011Users #2,154grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*David George Cosh2011Users #1,991grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*duplays2011Users #1,858grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*ADFC2011Users #1,846grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Dubai autism centre2011Users #1,827grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*RAK bank2011Users #1,720grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Aida al Busaidi2011Users #1,506grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Ahdaaf2011Users #1,439grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*NYU Abu Dhabi2011Users #1,396grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Damac properties2011Users #1,372grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*World Future energies summit2011Users #1,221grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Coldwell Banker ME2011Users #1,174grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Emirates foundation (Takatof)2011Users #1,104grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Original Fitness2011Users #1,022grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Masdar2011Users #1,001grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*ADIBF2011Users #954grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Emirates environmental group2011Users #879grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Asdaa2011Users #789grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Better homes2011Users #746grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*fitness First2011Users #737grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Bee'ah2011Users #694grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Cicero Bernay2011Users #559grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Landmark2011Users #331grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*H&K UAE2011Users #232grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Asteco2011Users #221grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank2011Users #186grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*TRACCS2011Users #168grafdom.com
Social Media - Top Brands*Emirates NBD2011Users #118grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresComm & Tech2011Users #160,389grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresDestinations2011Users #104,751grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresTV2011Users #101,115grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresTransportation2011Users #97,837grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresPublications2011Users #66,781grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresPersonalities2011Users #63,741grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresHospitality2011Users #59,714grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresOnline2011Users #58,126grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresRadio2011Users #54,883grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresEvents2011Users #49,740grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresF&B2011Users #33,242grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresHumanitarian2011Users #22,421grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresBanking2011Users #21,499grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresEducation2011Users #15,079grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresJournos2011Users #14,683grafdom.com
Social Media - Category ScoresEnvironmental2011Users #11,104
Social Media - Category ScoresPR Agencies2011Users #9,882
Social Media - Category ScoresHealth & Fitness2011Users #7,932
Social Media - Category ScoresReal Estate2011Users #3,844
Advertising SpendGovt./ Org. Advertising2011USD Million175Pan Arab Data
Advertising SpendShopping Malls & Retail Stores2011USD Million88Pan Arab Data
Advertising SpendHotel, Travel & Tourism2011USD Million56Pan Arab Data
Advertising SpendEntertainment2011USD Million53Pan Arab Data
Advertising SpendProfessional Services2011USD Million49Pan Arab Data
Advertising SpendInsurance & Real Estate & Properties2011USD Million39Pan Arab Data
Advertising SpendFinancial Services2011USD Million38Pan Arab Data
Advertising SpendVehicles, Accessories & Supply2011USD Million38Pan Arab Data
Advertising SpendPublishing Media2011USD Million30Pan Arab Data
Advertising SpendClothing,Jewellery & Personal Acs2011USD Million28Pan Arab Data
Advertising SpendToiletries/House Care Products2011USD Million25Pan Arab Data
Advertising SpendCommunications & Public Utilities2011USD Million20Pan Arab Data
Advertising SpendFood Beverages And Tobacco2011USD Million17Pan Arab Data
Advertising SpendHousehold Appliances2011USD Million14Pan Arab Data
Advertising SpendBusiness/Construct Equip. & Supply2011USD Million12Pan Arab Data
Advertising SpendOther Services2011USD Million12Pan Arab Data
UAE-Economic FreedomBusiness Freedom2011Score67.3http://www.heritage.org
UAE-Economic FreedomTrade Freedom2012Score82.6http://www.heritage.org
UAE-Economic FreedomFiscal Freedom2013Score99.9http://www.heritage.org
UAE-Economic FreedomGovt. Spending2014Score79.1http://www.heritage.org
UAE-Economic FreedomMonetary Freedom2015Score76.5http://www.heritage.org
UAE-Economic FreedomInvestment Freedom2016Score35http://www.heritage.org
UAE-Economic FreedomFinancial Freedom2017Score50http://www.heritage.org
UAE-Economic FreedomProperty Rights2018Score50http://www.heritage.org
UAE-Economic FreedomFreedom from Corruption2019Score65http://www.heritage.org
UAE-Economic FreedomLabor Freedom2020Score72.4http://www.heritage.org
UAE Brand Index RankNokia2010Score65.3http://corporate.yougovsiraj.com
UAE Brand Index RankEmirates Air lines2010Score63.5http://corporate.yougovsiraj.com
UAE Brand Index RankGoogle2010Score60http://corporate.yougovsiraj.com
UAE Brand Index RankSony2010Score59http://corporate.yougovsiraj.com
UAE Brand Index RankDettol2010Score58http://corporate.yougovsiraj.com
UAE Brand Index RankCarrefour2010Score54.3http://corporate.yougovsiraj.com
UAE Brand Index RankMasafi (mineral water)2010Score53.7http://corporate.yougovsiraj.com
UAE Brand Index RankMicrosoft2010Score52.6http://corporate.yougovsiraj.com
UAE Brand Index RankIKEA2010Score52http://corporate.yougovsiraj.com
UAE Brand Index RankNestle2010Score51.7http://corporate.yougovsiraj.com
TGI Usage DataToothbrushes2010%100www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataToothpaste2010%99www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataMineral Water2010%98www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataMobile Phone2010%98www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataShampoo2010%97www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataOils for Cooking and Salad (Main Shoppers)2010%94www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataFeminine Hygiene Products (Women)2010%94www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataWashing Powders /Tablets / Liquids (Main Shoppers)2010%94www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataYoghurt2010%94www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage Data Tea (Loose and Bags, including Fruit and Herbal Tea)2010%93www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataPerfume / Eau de Toilette / Body Fragrance (Women)2010%92www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataWashing Up Liquid (Manual) (Main Shoppers)2010%92www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataReady-to-Drink Fruit and Vegetable Juices2010%91www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataLipstick / Lip Gloss (Women)2010%91www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataIce Cream2010%90www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataTomato Ketchup2010%90www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataFace Creams and Lotions (Women)2010%86www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataFizzy Soft / Energy Drinks (excluding Colas)2010%85www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataPotato Crisps and Potato Snacks2010%83www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataHeadache Remedies and Analgesics2010%80www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataDeodorants and Anti-Perspirants2010%77www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataLiquid Soap2010%77www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataHousehold Cleaners2010%74www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataColas2010%72www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataMicrowave2010%72www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataInternet Use2010%68www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataCar2010%66www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage Data Cleansing Creams, Lotions and Wipes (Women)2010%65www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataFabric Conditioners2010%65www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataSoup2010%65www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataMayonnaise2010%64www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataChewing Gum2010%63www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataBreakfast Cereals2010%62www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataFoundation (Make-Up) (Women)2010%61www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataInstant Coffee2010%61www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataAir Freshener2010%60www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataPC at Home2010%60www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataHair Conditioners2010%45www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataDigital Camera2010%41www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataDVD Player2010%41www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataHair Color / Bleaches and Lighteners (Women)2010%33www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataMP3 Player2010%27www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataCredit Card (18+)2010%27www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage Data Hair Styling Gels, Mousses and Sprays2010%22www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataDisposable Nappies or Diapers (Main Shoppers)2010%21www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataElectric Dishwasher2010%17www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataBaby or Junior Food2010%14www.globaltgi.com
TGI Usage DataCigarettes2010%13www.globaltgi.com

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