UAE customer Trend: 6 questions that TGI (Target group Index report) raises about UAE Food market

TGI 2011 product book aims at providing percentage penetration of multiple product categories in different countries.

What I have done in the following table is that I have compared penetration of food products in with countries that have scored high in that category. 

Product Category % Usage UAE Country with highest Consumption % Usage
Baby or Junior Food 14% Croatia & Slovenia 36%
Mineral Water 98% Bahrain 95%
Chewing Gum 63% Iran 82%
Colas 72% Philippines 94%
Oils for Cooking and Salad (Main Shoppers) 94% Almost all countries have above 90% except South Korea 50%
Potato Crisps and Potato Snacks 83% Kuwait 87%
Fizzy Soft / Energy Drinks (excluding Colas) 85% Denmark 89%
Ice Cream 90% Denmark 98%
Instant Coffee 61% Israel 80%
Ready-to-Drink Fruit and Vegetable Juices 91% Denmark 93%
Tomato Ketchup 90% Philippines 96%
Mayonnaise 64% Venezuela 96%
Soup 65% USA 89%
Tea (Loose and Bags, including Fruit and Herbal Tea) 93% Indonesia & Poland 98%
Yoghurt 94% Iran 98%

Now this set poses following questions  

  1. Is UAE market of Colas smaller than the market of Fizzy drink/energy drinks?
  2. Cola market is smaller than ready to drink fruit and vegetable juices? If yes, then Almarai, Al Ain juices and other such brands have done a good job
  3. Obesity in UAE is rising, maybe because of 83% penetration of potato crisps?
  4.  Why Chewing Gum penetration is only 63%?
  5. If South Koreans are not using oil for cooking than what are they using, because that might lead to low level of obesity?
  6. Is there a room for expansion in Mayonnaise or soup market in UAE, considering the eating habits of majority?  

The sampling details for TGI-UAE market are as follow

  • UAE 15+
  •  8 urban cities
  • Sample Size  5,000
  • Jul 2009 – Dec 2009

If you have more questions and want to contact TGI group directly, you can drop them an email at and you can always find more data sets about here in UAE DATA BANK

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