6 Ways to Ensure Marketing Research project becomes a show-stopper

documents are usually very insightful but rarely used (no offense). Sometimes, they are too detailed or too technical or delayed or something similar.In some cases, client agency relationship is also strained and in some cases internal research processes and budgets are reviewed. And in some cases, nothing happens which in my opinion is worse than even bad consequences. ( have a look at these presentation toolkit)

Following is the flow chart for MR projects which doesn’t end up only in shelves of Research Executives. I was discussing it with my colleagues and was laughing about it, in the given flow chart the success of MR project is only about 1%.

Success of MARCOM is not only meeting research objectives it is actually when a research project is so fiery that branding teams have no choice but to acts on the findings.

Flow Chart of When Marketing Research is more than a paper

Enjoy the flow chart, plus I would also like to thank Kathryn Korostoff her analysis of understanding of MR Challenges is very useful. I think ESOMAR should also consider these challenges and propose a PM methodology including MR recommendations based action plan processes.

Thanks for reading – Ayesha

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  1. Well, i appreciate this article, but i would appreciate if u elaborate a bit on the sample bias and tips on as to how to overcome it before its too late for the researcher

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